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Hello, my name is Martin Kutny. I am an IT industry professional and programmer with 14 years of experience. I participated on many projects, ranging from big enterprise database-centric solutions to individual one-man projects. My expertise ranges from programming and research through team leading to small project management. I my work, I employ software engineering best practices and tools, to ensure the best possible quality of my output. I try to emphasize and transfer this knowledge also to my customers. I currently pursue a consulting / freelance practice, therefore I am constantly looking for project opportunities. I will be happy to provide my professional resume and further details, should you decide to contact me. In the meanwhile, you can check my LinkedIn profile.

I like to do programming. This became my profession and hobby too. On this page, I host several of my creations and tools which I made as side projects over time. My biggest coding hobby is game programming, which culminated in an effort to create my own 3D game engine. I still would very much like to pursue a game programming project. Unfortunatelly, unless it's a paying project, I could only participate part-time.

In my Gallery (under construction) you will find many pictures, mostly of nature and places I've been to. I like to use many of those pictures as my desktop wallpapers.

Finally there is my Wordpress blog, which is linked to the main page and my Twitter feed. On these, I am posting updates of my public projects semi-regularly. You are welcome to subscribe to both.


If you are interested in my work, have a project or business opportunity you would like to talk about, or just have some questions, please, feel free to contact me via email or Google Talk on this address:


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This site, kutny.net, all of its subpages and possibly some linked third party sites, provide downloadable text, computer programs, source code, digital photographs, together called as "Content". This Content is my intellectual property, unless in cases where explicitly stated otherwise. I give the general public permission to download, store, link to and use the Content for what it was intended for, in both personal and commercial usage. I do not give permission for any other usage including (but not limited to) redistribution, selling, publishing, promotion.

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