SendMail - Command line email sending utility


Current version: 1.2
Last update: 2012-05-31
Download link: download [12 KB]


SendMail is a simple utility for sending emails from the command line. Supports multiple recipients as well as CC and BCC recipients. Can access secured SMTP servers (via SSL/TLS). Requires Microsoft .Net framework 3.5 to run.

Usage of the program is straightforward. To see a description of command line options, type: SendMail.exe /?
The program sets the exit code to 0 when it successfully sent the email and to -1 when not. You can use this feature to determine success of the send mail operation when calling SendMail from another program or batch script.


  • Can send at most one attachment with the message.
  • The message body must fit within the command line. The maximum length of a command line on Windows NT class systems is around 32k characters. I haven't tested this limit though.