WebHit - Command line website/URL hitting utility


Current version: 1.0
Last update: 2009-03-16
Download link: download [10 KB]


WebHit is a simple utility for hitting websites from the command line. This is useful when you need to invoke a server side script from the command line but don't care about the result of the script. It can optionally save the result of the request to a file. This way it can be used also as a primitive file downloader. It requires .Net framework 3.5 to run.

Usage of the program is straightforward, just type:

webhit -url http://example.com
To see a description of command line options, type: webhit /?
The program sets the exit code to 0 when the request was successful and to -1 when not. You can use this feature to determine success of the operation when calling WebHit from another program or batch script.


  • Only supports basic HTTP authentication.
  • Can't send POST data in current version.